I believe ... CICLA 2020

This is a series for the Chen Bochui International Children's Literature Award Exhibition. This Year's theme was "I believe ..." So I designed a Character in different environments representing good things that ware worth to believe in.


the dark lord is a boy

Currently I am working on my own book. It is the story about a boy, living a normal life first and suddenly becoming the prince of the underworld atfer a meeting with Stolas, a demon in the shape of an owl. Lots of adventures are guaranteed! This project is a WIP, so it will be refreshed regularly.


selected works

kira and prokki (FULL PROJECT)character design, background design

dream week (FULL PROJECT)character design, illustration, background art

underworld (FULL PROJECT)character design, illustration, background art

folktale week (FULL PROJECT)character design, illustration, background art

i believe ... cicla shanghai (FULL PROJECT)character design, illustration, background art

the sorcerercharacter design

midsommarcharacter design

okaycharacter design

hazecharacter design

dragon tales - Duplicatecharacter design

toxic saintcharacter design

krampuscharacter design

the colour (FULL PROJECT)character design, prop design

axolotl gardencharacter design, background art

peacock dreamillustration

winter nightsillustration

origami-wizardcharacter design

baba yaga's flamingoillustration, background art

rat kingcharacter design

game of thrones fanartcharacter design