Draw this in your Style

Some draw this in your style pieces I did from artworks I really like.

elf warrior

Character Design done for the Character Design Challenge in September 2019.


Original idea is from Michael Relth.


Original idea is from Maria Tereshchenko.


Original idea is from Mathilde Bouvault.

selected works

kira and prokki (FULL PROJECT)character design, background design

underworld (FULL PROJECT)character design, illustration, background art

folktale week (FULL PROJECT)character design, illustration, background art

krampuscharacter design

draw this in your stylecharacter design

axolotl gardencharacter design, background art

peacock dreamillustration

winter nightsillustration

origami-wizardcharacter design

baba yaga's flamingoillustration, background art

all hail cthulhucharacter design

rat kingcharacter design

game of thrones fanartcharacter design